Hello Pageant Land

I wanted to check in and give you an update on everything that is happening with regards to Pageant Girl, our events & the current situation with COVID-19.

I know it is an unnerving time for everyone and so, most importantly, I really hope that you are all keeping safe.

Our next events that we have scheduled are:

June 20th – Miss & Miss Teen Pageant Girl UK

June 21st – Miss International United Kingdom

October 24th & 25th – Little & Miss Junior Teen Great Britain

October 26th & 27th – Miss Teen Great Britain

As it stands, these events have not been postponed & we will continue to follow government advice with regards to these as the time approaches.

I think our pageants give everyone something to look forward to and I hope that we will be able to see you all soon. In these unknown times, I have seen the very best in our pageant community – the support, friendship, comfort and entertainment that you have all provided to each other has been so lovely to see. Even if you are new to pageantry, you can start to make friends with others who are in the same position – add me on facebook here, and you can start to see our lovely community.



At times like these, the well-being of our pageant girls, families and staff is more important than ever. We encourage everyone to stay safe, support one another and to spend your time responsibly. We’ll be staying in touch with any updates or changes but most importantly, we will continue to inspire and prepare you for your upcoming pageant. We still remain contactable through our social media channels and via email –

We WILL see you soon ❤

Holly Pirrie